There isn’t a whole lot to write about my daily routine at the moment, because it doesn’t consist of a whole lot at the moment.  I wanted to start setting my alarm to wake up at a regular time – say 8am – and try to force my body clock into Swedish time, but that doesn’t really work for Anders as he works crazy hours as an emergency services worker, so if he just got in from work at 5am it isn’t exactly fair for my alarm to go off three hours later.  Especially as there is no real reason for it at the moment, later when I am working I’ll have no choice but to wake up at a regular time, but I guess we’ll figure that out then.

So, I’m basically keeping the hours of an emergency services worker.  I sleep until lunchtime or so (unless I wake up at 4am,  or 2am, or midnight) and therefore often get to share breakfast/brunch/lunch with Anders.  He doesn’t like to talk about his work a lot, which I can understand, a lot of it is confidential and/or traumatic, so we shoot the breeze about random things, sometimes remember Thailand, talk about my plans for working and whatnot, and then he either goes to work or to sleep and I get on with my busy and important day of nothing.

I like to walk around our neighbourhood, and already it’s starting to feel familiar.  It is, as I mentioned before, kind of hipstery and bohemian and apparently a lot of actors and musicians and creative artsy types live around here (not sure why we do then!) I am sure that I saw the Swedish actor from Pirates of the Caribbean (Orlando Bloom’s dad) on the street the other day and when I told Anders he was like, “yeah I think he lives around here somewhere.”  And I couldn’t believe he didn’t tell me before, and he couldn’t believe I cared because according to Anders he is just a regular person like everyone else, and I was like, “no, he’s a celebrity.”  And Anders laughed.

Anyway, when I’m not celebrity neighbor spotting, I explore.  I’ve found cute little Alice in Wonderland coffee shops, and the most amazing thrift stores ever, and dinky little stores selling kind of random arty stuff which I can’t believe they sell enough of to stay in business (how many weird, cool-ugly ornaments can people buy on a regular basis?) but I guess they do somehow.

And the bikes.  There are bikes EVERYWHERE.  Also, toddlers.  I swear all Swedes do is ride bikes and procreate (hopefully not at the same time, that’s a one way street to a nasty injury).  Now, to be fair I haven’t actually counted, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there were more bikes than cars on the streets in Stockholm.  I haven’t ventured too far outside our neighbourhood yet, but there don’t seem to be many cars on the streets at all, at least not by US standards.

After my afternoon walking around (luckily the weather is beautiful at the moment), and sometimes having a coffee at one of the Alice in Wonderland places, I go back to the apartment to either have dinner with Anders and hang out with him for the evening, or if he’s working have dinner on my own and watch Swedish TV.  I try to watch regular TV rather than a DVD or Netflix because even though most of the shows are American, there are Swedish subtitles and the commercials are (mostly) in Swedish, which reminds me where I am.  The other night I watched an American DVD and then the phone rang and it was some telesales or something for Anders talking in Swedish and it actually freaked me out a bit because I guess I’d forgotten I was somewhere people speak Swedish.  Weird.