I came across this blog last week: Join the Gossip, and was inspired to create my own bucket list then the lovely Anna at Home and Away suggested the same thing in a comment yesterday, so clearly it’s meant to be!  This is the beginning of a list, which I will update as I learn and explore more, of things I will do before starting work:

One of my earliest memories is dancing to Dancing Queen with my mom, so first up has to be the ABBA Museum.


According to some billboards around town, you can make a video of yourself “joining” ABBA, which I would never in a million years do in public, but think it’s a cool idea!

Also, I want to go to the Vasa Museum.    When my Viking and I were hanging out in Thailand, he told me the story of the Vasa ship (he is a big fan of random but interesting factoids) .  It’s kind of Sweden’s Titanic.  Some 400 years ago, the king of Sweden (who was part of the Vasa family) ordered the best warship ever built, and demanded that it have one more level than any other ship had at the time.  Even though the engineers warned that would make it too top heavy, in those days you didn’t argue with the King so they built it the way he ordered.  All the people of Stockholm came to see it launch, and watched in horror as it made it pretty much a few yards, then tipped over and sank.  It lay at the bottom of the port of Stockholm for hundreds of years until the 60s when it was found, raised, and made into a museum.  My Viking told me that it’s because the Baltic Sea isn’t very salty that it is particularly well preserved and has been restored to just how it was the day it sank.




I read these books a couple of years ago when they came out, and just found out that they are set in my neighborhood!  So I am going to do a Millennium Tour!


So three things.  That’s a start.  If anyone has any suggestions, please put them in the comments!!