Ahh!  So, tonight I am finally going to get to meet the Viking’s friends.  I have semi met his best friend over Skype before, but tonight it’s going to be him, his girlfriend, and another girl who goes way back with them too.  I am super excited and trying not to get my hopes up too much that they are going to be my friends, because I know that I need and want to make my own group independent of him too, but it would just be perfect and amazing if I could click with them the way I hope.

One thing about being with somebody from another country, which is both good and bad in different ways, is that you can’t label them.  When I meet another American – especially if we’re in another country – I respond to their personality of course, but, almost unconsciously, pick up on their accent, how they dress, what they talk about and how they express it, where they went to school or grew up, and, I kind of have context.  I’m not saying I judge them based on any of that stuff of course (though everything contributes to your understanding of a person I guess), but there is a kind of short cut to ‘getting’ them, for better or worse.

With my Viking, there is none of that.   I knew little to nothing about Sweden, much less Stockholm, before I met him, and still not much, and sometimes I feel conscious of lacking that kind of context for him.  When I was traveling, one thing I learned quickly, was that in different cultures, different things are prized so – this isn’t what’s important of course, but just an example to try to illustrate what I mean – stuff that would make somebody cool or sought after in the US could make them an outcast elsewhere, and vice versa.  Not that I’m interested in how cool or sought after my Viking is in Swedish culture (he’s cool and sought after by me, and that’s all that matters!) but sometimes I feel as though I won’t really understand him completely until I understand his context a little more.

Which is one of the reasons I am excited to meet his crew.

The other is simply that I hope to have some friends of my own, and those that love the man I love seem to be a good start.  I know that it is going to be difficult to build my own social life until I am working, and it would be fun to have a girlfriend or two to call occasionally when he is working in the meantime.  Here’s hoping!!