In all the excitement of the crying on the street and the possible new friend yesterday, I forgot to mention that I had plans yesterday evening, with the two female heads of the Three-Headed Monster.  On Thursday evening, Asterix and Hockey Girl came over for a glass of wine on our balcony (see what I mean about not being able to escape them).

Somehow, it was kind of okay.  I’m warming to Asterix a little, or maybe he’s warming to me, but either way we’re thawing and we actually had a pretty nice conversation while, as a bonus, the Viking talked to Hockey Girl so I didn’t have to.  I am truly getting from Asterix that he loves the Viking and is protective of him, and of course that’s a good thing in my book.

Then things went south when I heard the Viking say, “I’m working Friday night, so Regan could go with you!” and Hockey Girl nearly cracked her face by forcing a smile, and I wracked my brains to think of some reason I couldn’t ‘go’ (“Sorry!  I’m going to have a headache that night!”) but of course failed, so when Hockey Girl said that she and ABBA Girl were just going for a couple of glasses of wine I smiled and was like, “sounds fun!”


When they left, I was just about to come clean and beg off, but the Viking  seemed so happy I had some plans that I couldn’t do it.  What’s one evening out of my life to make him not worry about me sitting home alone for once?  So I was like, fine, this is happening, how bad can it be?

But then, the Viking’s shift got changed so he was going to be home Friday night.  Of course I immediately said I would rather spend the evening with him, but he insisted I should have a night out, and I realized that it is truly important to him that I get on with his friends.  So, again, I was like, fine, this is happening, how bad can it be?

This is how bad it can be:

They blew me off.

When they left the evening before, Hockey Girl said she would text when they were heading out to let me know where they would be.  I figured that would be around 7 or 8ish, so I got ready for then and sat watching a soccer game with the Viking, waiting for the text.

Which didn’t come.  I was pretty bored by the soccer, so I idly scrolled through Instagram on my phone, when what did I see?  ABBA Girl posted a photo of her and Hockey Girl, at a bar, toasting the camera, arms around one another, with a caption I painstakingly typed into google translate to discover: “Summer + wine + best friend = beautiful”.

The Viking saw me reading my phone and said, “Did they text?  Where are you going?”

And – I know this is stupid, but I just couldn’t bring myself to admit that they – I’m being fair here – forgot me.  Of course he’ll find out, but just in that moment, I really, really didn’t want to seem like a no-friends loser.  So I was like, “yeah, can’t pronounce the name of the place but I’ll find it – have a good night!”

And I went out.  And found myself standing alone on the street, wondering what on earth I was going to do for a couple of hours.

I know I’m being a little dramatic here, but I don’t know when I’ve ever felt so alone on earth as that moment.  It didn’t help that there are three bars on our street, and on a sunny Friday night in summer there were happy drinkers spilling out of them, laughing and chatting and knowing all the people around them.  I started walking blindly, cursing the fact that I hadn’t thought to subtly slip my book in my purse on my way out.

Then I remembered that I had Shining Armor Girl’s number.