Just when I had completely given up on ever hearing from SAG again (I texted her last week to say hi, no response) she finally texted me last night to apologize for being off the radar, and asking if I wanted to have drinks.   I’ll be honest: my first instinct was to be polite and friendly, but be kind of like, “yeah I’ll see how things look next week…” because I was a bit stung that she abandoned me.  But then I remembered that I am (according to my birth certificate, at least) a grown up, and also beggars can’t be choosers, so of course I replied saying drinks sounded great.

And it was… mostly, but I’ll get to that.

It truly was nice to see her, she’s one of those bright, charismatic people that are not only fun to be around, but also make you feel like you are more fun when you are with them.  When I talk, she listens with attention that’s almost unnerving; I almost feel I want to tell her to dial it back because my story really isn’t all that interesting.

She asked me all about how things were going with THM and if I had confronted the girls about that Friday night.  I didn’t really want to talk about it because I’m kind of over it and also I feel like going on about it makes me seem more like a whiny loser and I want to seem like a fun new friend who has her life under control.  So I glossed over it all a bit which she picked up on right away and gently said that she was my friend and wanted to help, but I insisted that there was nothing to talk about.

So then she started to tell me a little about when she lived in New York (even though it’s my country, I was still excited to hear about it as I’ve never been there).  She said that she thought she knew English pretty well before she went, but quickly learned that dealing with a foreign language every day, plus learning specific American (not to mention New York-ish) sayings and so on, is a different kettle of fish.  Once, she was telling her roommate (a really grouchy Texan who SAG was convinced was going to shoot her over an argument about washing up someday) about how she had met a guy at a party the night before, but he was really boring so, she said, “I just blew him.”  The Texan nearly spat her coffee out at that, and wouldn’t talk to her for ages for being tacky and SAG couldn’t understand it… because she had just walked away from the guy and ignored him.  Eventually she learned that in fact, she “blew him off“.

It made me feel a lot better about my own lost in translation moments 😉

She talked a little about how difficult it was for her when she moved back to Stockholm.   Even though she grew up here, she had been away for 5 years and a lot of her old friends had settled down and moved out to the suburbs, or had new groups of friends, and so she basically had to start from scratch.  She said that’s why she understood what I was going through, and was determined not to be one of those stuck up a-holes who have no time for a new person.  A little voice in my head pointed out that I hadn’t heard from her in over two weeks, but then I sternly reminded myself that she means well and not to overthink or get hung up on stuff like that… neutral, right?

But then she told me something that almost made my heart stop.