SAG knows ABBA Girl. She said she didn’t click who she was to begin with (her real name is pretty common in Sweden), but she couldn’t get my description of her out of her head because it rang maddeningly familiar, and so she decided to do a little digging. She wanted to do the digging before saying anything to me because she wanted to be sure that she had her story straight.

With an introduction like that, who wouldn’t want to hear what she had to say?! I always thought that it was just a saying, but I actually felt a physical chill and had to concentrate to keep my breathing steady as I steeled myself for what it was she knew about ABBA Girl.

She said that she is poison. That she is the type that is deeply competitive, especially with other women, and has been known to ruin people’s lives just for the fun of it and to prove she can. That she specializes in subtly undermining people’s confidence until they are jittering wrecks which makes them act out and ruin their friendships/relationships… and ABBA Girl just sits back to watch the fun.

SAG kept reminding me me that even though she wouldn’t tell me this stuff if it didn’t come from trusted sources, I have to keep in mind that it is secondhand information, but even as she said it I was shaking my head. I was thinking back to last Thursday night when I experienced exactly this. I didn’t get in a fight with the Viking that night, but I was unnerved by being so sidelined in my own home, and couldn’t help feel a little resentment towards him for not seeing it and taking my side.

Almost a week later, I can see that he did try, a little at least, to include me in the conversation (I don’t think he wanted to hear whatever she was going on about anyway), but at the time it didn’t feel enough and I was kind of grouchy with him for the rest of the evening. It passed without flaring into anything, but it could have been different – and definitely would have been if it had happened again without me hearing this from SAG and being on my guard.

I started to thank her for filling me in – but then I could see from her face that there was more, and my blood dropped a few more degrees. I took a sip of my wine to cover, but I’m pretty sure that SAG could see I was terrified, because she looked so sympathetic I wanted to cry.

She said – slowly, with all those maddening pauses of a Swede saying something important – that she was really reluctant to tell me the next bit because – and she really emphasized this – she did not know who the other people in this story were. She had tried to find out, but nobody was naming names and she didn’t want to push it.

The latest big blowout surrounding ABBA Girl, was that she had had an affair with her best friend’s boyfriend. The best friend was devastated, some versions of the story have her having some kind of breakdown and checking into a rehab kind of place, though SAG was pretty sure that bit was grapevine elaboration. Either way, the best friend dumped both the boyfriend and ABBA Girl and hasn’t seen either of them since she found out.

But – so the story goes – they still hang out with each other. SAG said that the version she was most confident of was that the affair was long over, but the guy – let’s just be honest at this point and call him the Viking – felt sorry for her being frozen out as he’s the kind of guy to take responsibility for his part in something like this. Which he is. And so she is now in his group of friends.