He didn’t do it.

I know that deep in my gut as surely as I know I didn’t do it. Whatever the police think they have on him, they are wrong.

Daniel and Tove know this too, they were with him the whole time Hanna disappeared. I pointed out that they were his alibis and as soon as the police confirm this they will have to let Anders go. They didn’t reply right away, and my heart sunk. Not because I suddenly thought he was guilty, because if he doesn’t have an alibi then it makes my job a little bit harder. I ordered them to tell me exactly what happened when I went to bed.

Right now I am immune to everything. I just want all the facts so that we can get Anders home; I will deal with the feelings I don’t have time for right now, then.

Hanna made a move on Anders that night. They were obviously so worried about telling me, but it didn’t surprise me or shock me; I somehow expected it.

After I slunk off that night, they were all sitting around drunkenly giggling and teasing Hanna about her love life, when she turned to Anders and pointed out how weird it was that they had never hooked up. According to Tove, Anders blushed and shrugged in that awkward way he does when he doesn’t know what to say, but Hanna kept going, saying why is that, didn’t he find her attractive? Anders tried kidding around, saying that, unlike most men, he knew how crazy she was, and of course pointed out that he wasn’t single, but Hanna ignored that and asked what he meant. Daniel and Tove could see how uncomfortable he was and tried to change the subject, but Hanna was unstoppable. Tove kept reminding me how drunk Hanna was, said that Hanna knew Anders was happy and I was good for him, she just liked winding people up. I replied that I had a pretty good idea of what Hanna was like.

Then I remembered something, and asked them about the rumors of Anders cheating on Jenny with Hanna. They both looked really surprised, and Daniel instantly said, “absolutely not.” But Tove hesitated. Just for a moment, and I think she thought she covered it, but I saw that doubt flicker through her eyes.

Hanna finally seemed to drop the idea, but a while later, when they were all singing again, she snuggled into his arms. Tove saw him hesitate, clearly unsure of how to react, because on one hand, they were always affectionate together, but it was obviously weird in the light of what she had said. Anders finally chose to keep his arm around her, but sat up really straight. I could imagine it exactly: he is such a gentle giant that he would never want to hurt her feelings or make a big deal out of pushing her away, but would be so careful not to encourage her or make it look like he was inviting it, so would try to hit the balance between the two. Obviously he failed, because a moment later she was on top of him, kissing him.

He pushed her off right away and initially she was laughing, like they were play wrestling, but when it became clear he was genuinely angry she jumped up and slapped him. Anders stormed outside, and Hanna seemed to sober up, told Tove and Daniel that she was sorry, she had just been kidding around, and begged them not to tell me. She went after him to apologize. That was the last time they saw her.

I asked if they had told the police any of this. Daniel said no. He said he hadn’t kept it from them; with the exhaustion and shock he hadn’t even thought of it. It was so obvious that it was drunken stupidity she would regret in the morning; he watched the whole thing rolling his eyes at Hanna being Hanna as usual, and Anders playing into her drama queen hands, as usual. But again, Tove hesitated. I knew that she had remembered but knew how it would look to the police and deliberately omitted it. Given her job, it chilled me that she felt it necessary to stick her neck out like that, and she wouldn’t meet my eye as she clearly saw that I knew.

Then she quietly pointed out that they would now take DNA from Anders. If there was any physical evidence of what happened on Hanna’s body, it was too late to explain it.