What were you doing there?

I told you.  I went to talk to him.

Sven Jörgensson?

I don’t know his name.

You went to talk to someone whose name you do not know?

We saw him that afternoon.  Before Hanna died.  We went for a walk and Hanna said something about how if we bored her that night she would go and find him, and I thought maybe —

Why didn’t you tell us before?

I only just thought of it.  Remembered him, what Hanna said —

Why did you go to talk to him yourself?

I don’t know — I guess I thought maybe — I mean, it’s a pretty long shot.  If I came to you with every harebrained idea or thought I’ve had you would be pretty bored.

We would not be bored by potentially useful information in a murder case.

I thought maybe he would be more open, more likely to remember something more in a casual conversation with one of her friends than if we was interrogated — and then I would have something solid to —

Why did you walk through the back woods?

It’s the only way I could find the farm, by re tracing our steps that day.  Look, I don’t understand what the big deal is.  Was I trespassing?  I was going to go knock on his door —

Sven Jörgensson is dead.


He was killed yesterday.

No — how can — ?

Why did you want to talk to him today?

I told you.  I just thought of it —

Did you know he was dead?

Do I need a lawyer?