I am sorry I made you angry yesterday.  It was not my intention to upset you, though I understand now why you reacted the way you did and I am very sorry.  I just wanted to warn you, because I am worried for you.

I think you are a nice person.  I think you have had a very difficult time since coming here, and also before with your Grandmother’s death, and that is why I am worried that you are not thinking clearly about everything, and you do not see how your writings can hurt Anders, and you.

When I came across your blog a few weeks ago linked from another of my favorite blogs, I read a few posts before recognizing it – recognizing myself – and at first I felt so terrible that you had been upset and thought I didn’t want to be your friend.  I almost called you then to apologize, but then I felt guilty for reading.  Even though you posted it for the world to see, I still felt that I was reading your private thoughts about me, and so I closed it down and swore I wouldn’t return.

I never thought that you would continue writing after Hanna died.  I assumed that you would know better than to share your thoughts on something so sensitive and confidential, to people who don’t really know what is going on, who only have your word on it.  I thought about you the other day after we met and I opened up the blog again expecting to see the last entry in August, and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw your post about Daniel’s death.

And Tove.  Perhaps their families don’t know about the baby, but your readers do.  How can you live with yourself if Daniel’s grieving parents learn they are to be grandparents because of you?

But that is not what worries me the most.  That is on your conscience and if you don’t see it as I do, then I won’t say any more.

Your readers, your supporters, those who only know your perspective, suspect.  Your sleep walking episodes.  Your parents deaths.  Your hatred of Hanna.  They believe that Anders is protecting you, and reading it with their eyes, I wonder also.  I think you are very troubled, and I beg you to go to the police before any more terrible things happen.

Your friend,