Anders just texted.

He is at Daniel’s stuga. Of course. He wanted to feel close to Daniel and Hanna

I’ve been sitting, waiting for hours.

I should have called her, that would have been the normal thing to do, ‘hey what’s up, are you still coming over?’ but I didn’t and it’s too late and where the hell is she.

Does she know? Does she suspect?

If I’m a threat, why not come over and kill me? It’s dark, I’m alone.

Does she know I’m alone?

Or are the police on to her after all and she is safely locked away, and I’m free to try to convince Anders I’m not a crazy person who hijacked the investigation into his friends’ murders for shits and giggles?

A second text. “Don’t talk to Tove until I see you again. Don’t open the door if she comes to see you. Call the police.”

He knows.

Icy terror washes over me.

That’s why she isn’t here. That is where she is going.