Hi, Nadja… I don’t know if you remember me, you gave me your card — my name is Regan King —


I think Anders is in danger. He’s at the stuga — Daniel’s stuga — where Hanna died.

Why do you think he is in danger?

I think he knows who the killer is. I think she has gone there too – she said she would come to see me, but she didn’t show up –

Slow down please. Who didn’t show up?


A long silence.

Where are you now?

… at home.

Don’t move. I will send a police car to you and to Anders. Don’t open the door.

How long will it take to get to Anders? It’s a long drive from the city.

I will call the local police. They will be there very soon. Don’t open the door.

… I won’t.

Call me again immediately if —

I will.

I hang up the phone. The bus pulls up at the end of the lane leading to the stuga. The trees are almost completely bare, frosty fall leaves crackle underfoot in the darkness as I take a step towards the stuga. I hesitate.

I could wait here for the local police. Nadja said “very soon.”

A shout from the stuga. Anders?

I start to run.