Life is Swede

A love refugee in Stockholm…

Anders left yesterday after I told him everything. He said he just needed to clear his mind and think and he would call me later. I won't let myself think about the way he looked at me as he left.... Continue Reading →

Truth or Dare

I did meet a woman in the hardware store that day. I accidentally tried to cut the invisible Swedish line at the help counter, and she tapped me on the shoulder and explained that you didn't physically line up, but... Continue Reading →

Black and Gurgling

I'm not right. I never have been.  I'm wired wrong somehow, and everybody who knows me, sooner or later will figure it out.  Even at elementary school, before it happened, kids knew.  One day we were doing a science project... Continue Reading →

The First Rule

"I didn't lie." I force myself to meet his eye. "You jumped to the conclusion, I didn't even know that you dated a Liv, how could I?" My voice is tight and high in my ears, betraying me, but he... Continue Reading →

Love and Marriage

He's angry.  Has he guessed?  I don't know, I don't think so. I tried to backtrack, tried to say we couldn't be sure it was the same Liv, that even if it was it could be a coincidence, that she... Continue Reading →

First Cut is the Deepest?

"Liv says hi."  I didn't even turn to face him, I was putting plates and stuff on the table while he stirred our stew with that thoughtful, critical expression he gets when he cooks. "Who?" I said I wasn't sure. ... Continue Reading →

By Any Other Name

They know each other.  They've known each other all along?  They just met?  Why?  How?  My mind is whirring.  I think I covered.  I don't think he noticed anything, luckily he was talking, telling more Daniel stories, and I smiled... Continue Reading →

No Sanctuary

She wouldn't tell  us any more details.  Didn't comment when Anders, trying to process the news, kept insisting that it was physically impossible for a woman to have overpowered Daniel.  He was pleading with her to understand, almost as though... Continue Reading →


Hanna was reading.  That's what's really got to me.  Not Malin's insane insinuations, I am treating those with the contempt they deserve, but when von Dursen told me that Hanna read everything I said about her and was feeling horrible,... Continue Reading →

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