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A love refugee in Stockholm…

Step 1: Make a Plan

After I talked to von Dursen, I walked down to the water. The museum island - Djurgården - where Anders and I walked around in the summer was right in front of me, resplendent with fall colors, still bright in... Continue Reading →

Dear Regan

I am sorry I made you angry yesterday.  It was not my intention to upset you, though I understand now why you reacted the way you did and I am very sorry.  I just wanted to warn you, because I... Continue Reading →

Toxic Armor

I just screamed.  I'm alone in the apartment and I screamed, louder than I meant to, this strangled, cracking screech that didn't sound anything like my voice.  I heard our neighbor's footsteps above and knew they must have heard me... Continue Reading →

Chain Reaction

It struck me over the weekend that our apartment looks exactly the same.  Anders' kooky storage boxes and my pile of random crap from my suitcase I've never got around to putting away.  The photo of us from Thailand is... Continue Reading →

What were you doing there? I told you.  I went to talk to him. Sven Jörgensson? I don't know his name. You went to talk to someone whose name you do not know? We saw him that afternoon.  Before Hanna... Continue Reading →

And On That Farm

When I got home, Anders was just leaving. He was showered, shaved, dressed for work.  He looked normal, regular Anders I haven't seen in over a month.  For the briefest second, I felt like I had dreamed everything, and things... Continue Reading →


SAG called me yesterday. Malin.  She had heard about everything that has been going on, of course, and thought about getting in touch with me a thousand times, but didn't know if I would want to hear from somebody I... Continue Reading →

Think Tank

I need to keep it together. I am keeping it together.  I'm actually good at that, I always have been.  Of course I get emotional, about stupid things, little insecurities and worries, but when it's big, when other people are... Continue Reading →

I Think You’ll Understand

"I was so angry with him. He was there when my first girlfriend cheated on me and he saw how it tore me apart, and we always said that it was the worst thing you could do, that we would... Continue Reading →

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