Meet Regan


American ex pat Regan moved to Stockholm to be with her Swedish boyfriend Anders after a whirlwind romance, and blogged about her adventures settling into Sweden. Her regular readers were startled when the blog took an unexpected turn: one of Anders’ close friends was found murdered, and the police quickly zeroed in on him as the chief suspect.

Regan doesn’t exist. She never did.

I have been fascinated with the story of the radio drama of War of the Worlds produced by Orson Welles forever. The story of alien invasion was presented in a series of radio news bulletins, leading many listeners to believe that martians had actually landed on earth. I loved the idea of a fictional experience so vivid and authentic that people were able to step right into it, and have had an ambition to create my version of that ever since. When Regan and Anders started to burrow their way into my brain, I realized I’d found the perfect story.

Regan’s early accounts of being an ex pat in Stockholm are extremely autobiographical: one of my friends only clicked that it was fiction when she realized how much of what happened to Regan had happened to me. Getting trapped in the sliding doors at ICA and having my credibility as a person questioned: happened to me. Rescued by a kindly stranger who explained the number queue system in Sweden: happened to me. Accused by a guy renting kayaks of being lonely: happened to me. Felt screamingly lonely, frustrated and at times almost paranoid facing how difficult to read and reserved Swedes can be… happened to me.

Up until the murders start, at least. Then it’s all Regan😉

Now that the blog is completed, the whole thing is available on Amazon. Enjoy and please don’t hesitate to let me know what you think!!