Can you believe that there was an actual real life fairy tale princess wedding barely a mile or two away from me and I slept through the whole darn thing?  And I read about it two days later on an American website?!  I need to get a little more plugged in, I think!


I actually think that the first Swedish royal wedding a couple of years ago was a little more fairytaleish, because, if I’ve understood it correctly, that guy was just a regular dude who was the personal trainer of the princess and now he is going to be King of Sweden someday.  That is cool.  This guy is a Wall Street financier or something, so for him I feel like being royal will probably be a bonus and all, but his life was already pretty fancy.  Also, I think he looks like a douche.  I watched some of the coverage on catch-up TV and I swear he didn’t smile once.  And anyway, what is a Swedish girl thinking marrying an American guy?  Everyone knows that Swedish guys are the best! 😉

Speaking of the best, I asked my Swedish guy if people were excited about the royal wedding.  He said “not really.”  I said, “but it’s your princess getting married!”  He said, “that’s nice for her but it has nothing to do with me.”  I’m pretty sure the Brits were all excited when their prince got married last year, but maybe they are more excitable generally than Swedes.  I have to say, even though I admit I wasn’t exactly paying attention to the world in general on Saturday, I didn’t pick up on any party atmosphere in our neighbourhood at least, whereas I got the impression at least that all of London was hopping for their royal wedding.

One last thing on the Royal Wedding:



If I didn’t already have a pretty hot Swedish honey, I would so be camping outside the palace right now 😉  However, interesting note: on the TV coverage, Prince Swoony McSwoonypants was all designer stubble, and I remember thinking to myself that my Grandma would never have allowed my brother (if I had one) not to shave for my wedding (if I have one).  Just now, when I searched for photos of the prince from the wedding, I couldn’t find any.  I think a royal Swedish Grandma has had words after all!!